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SATURDAY, Sep 23, 2023 08:02am
From: anonymous - Fl
Prayer Request: Miranda would fully commit herself to Jesus.

THURSDAY, Sep 21, 2023 07:18pm
From: Daniel - Spring Hill
Prayer Request: Prayers for Stacy from Spring Hill FL she fell and hit her head shes in her 20s and shes paralyzed. Prayers for Richard from Greenville Ohio hes in his 80s his legs went numb and he fell and hit his hip and arm.

THURSDAY, Sep 21, 2023 03:55pm
From: Glen - Mountney
Prayer Request: I just order something off of ebay. Pray that the product is in excellent condition and that I get it and that things work out. I am very careful with these things.

WEDNESDAY, Sep 20, 2023 03:55pm
From: william - Mt. Pleasant
Prayer Request: My wife Linda is having pain in her ribcage and around her back. She has a cancer treatment tomorrow. Please pray for healing and for the pain to be removed. The Lord is good and worthy to be praised.

TUESDAY, Sep 19, 2023 11:18am
From: Paul - Ohio
Prayer Request: Father lift all those who suffering also ac aj gr lp jm k nh and all hurting lift up psalm 90 15 isaiah 54 17 romans 12 21 please grant for comfort and release from any evil or oppression in Jesus name amen.

TUESDAY, Sep 19, 2023 06:17am
From: B - Fl
Prayer Request: Prayers for great health for Melva John Be Silas Carole and Nancy. Prayers for work prosperity and protection for John and Be. May Gods divine healing energy protection and blessings dwell in our minds and body. Thank you God and so it is Amen.

TUESDAY, Sep 19, 2023 03:32am
From: Rob - New Jersey
Prayer Request: Please pray that I will love my wife as Christ Jesus loves the Church. I am weak in this area of my life.

FRIDAY, Sep 15, 2023 08:37am
From: Ian - Australia
Prayer Request: That God would heal my relationship with my mother.

THURSDAY, Sep 14, 2023 12:39pm
From: Anthony - U. S. A
Prayer Request: Please pray for God to deliver Florida from evil and to bless It spirituallyphysically as He desires. God bless.

MONDAY, Sep 11, 2023 11:53pm
From: Faith - Hope
Prayer Request: Heavenly father I pray current employer accept my resignation and g ive option for 1 months notI ce period. For smooth transition to a early start in new employment.

FRIDAY, Sep 8, 2023 06:47pm
From: Psalm - Gc
Prayer Request: Pray for clean bill of health for medical checkup.

FRIDAY, Sep 8, 2023 06:13pm
From: J - USA
Prayer Request: Please pray that God will remove T. H. From the toxic relationship that he is in. Thank you.

THURSDAY, Sep 7, 2023 12:26pm
From: Kathleen - USA
Prayer Request: Please provide strength and healing for Kramp Earl Dow Haller Brent Sustar Collier Frost Luke Lemaster Baggett Toth Sheliga Horton families. Thank you for all past and future healings.

WEDNESDAY, Aug 30, 2023 10:02pm
From: B - Fl
Prayer Request: Prayer for absolute safe travel protection and prosperity for John. Thank you God. And so it is. Amen.

THURSDAY, Aug 24, 2023 08:17pm
From: wally - Lake Orion
Prayer Request: Linda has chemo tomorrow. Please lift her in prayer. She also wants to extend her treatments from every three weeks to every four. Please pray Gods mercy on that.

TUESDAY, Aug 22, 2023 07:37am
From: Himabindu - Ongole
Prayer Request: Our cat minnu has gone out of the house. Please pray that it come home safely.

WEDNESDAY, Aug 16, 2023 06:38am
From: Billy - Texarkana Texas
Prayer Request: Becky b battling stomach cancer and lung cancer. Pray for healing ankl.

TUESDAY, Aug 8, 2023 10:54am
From: Rob - New Jersey
Prayer Request: Please pray that I will grow in passionate intimacy with the Lord Jesus which will help me to crucify my flesh and walk in step with His Holy Spirit. Also pray that I take action with my faith through Him and fulfill His purpose for my life.

MONDAY, Aug 7, 2023 07:31pm
From: James - lost creek
Prayer Request: Please pray for me and my family. My older brother got killed on saturday. His name was kenneth and I went to the accident and watched him die... It was my younger brother paul birthday as well. Pray for me to also as my sister is in the hospital on ecmo machine and vent. She is not doing well and has collapsed lung. Pray for healing complete healing.... Pray things get better.... I just cant take anymore... Pray things get better. Pray for me and us.. Pray God helps us and makes life better.... Pray for protection from evil and better days. Please.... I need hope and to hear God. I need my sister better and to get through this loss with my brother....

WEDNESDAY, Aug 2, 2023 03:22pm
From: Bobby - USA
Prayer Request: Dear Lord I know I have been a sinner my entire life. I try to pray daily but I need extra help. I have only been out of alcohol rehab for 2 days I am struggling I am losing my business home. Please help me stay sober and find the creativity your wisdom to keep my business home as you are the provider in all matters. Amen.

SUNDAY, Jul 30, 2023 02:31pm
From: Andre - Pittsburg Ca
Prayer Request: Please pray for my son Adam who is having internal medical issues.

THURSDAY, Jul 27, 2023 04:44pm
From: Juliet - Stockton California
Prayer Request: Tequesting prayer for our apart. Ent bldg owner Stacy. We r praying she will not evict us let us remain in bldg.

FRIDAY, Jul 21, 2023 10:21am
From: Holly - Ithaca
Prayer Request: Tha father of one of my grandchildren is trying to keep her from me her mother and her siblings. Please pray that he stops doing this and stressing us out. Pray that family love and unity will prevail that he is unsuccessful in his attempts to keep her from us and that we have frequent visits that God blesses to be able to give our love leading to family unity and emotional well being and Gods Word leading to eternal salvation. Thanks. Prqy eternal salvation and family love and unity to all. Names Jasmine Joshua Jeriqua Jibril Donnie Mason Deklyn Bella Arthur Colton Phoenix Lincoln Holly William Carol Donald Zion Angel Israel Richard Stephen. Thanks.

FRIDAY, Jul 14, 2023 08:34pm
From: Yvonne - Macnngie pa USA
Prayer Request: Pray that the Biden administration would continue to support Israel. I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you. Also pray that the U. S. Would not interfere in Israels policies nor fund protests in Israel.

MONDAY, Jul 10, 2023 05:19am
From: Ahay - SG
Prayer Request: Pls pray for wenqi. She has been suffering from a lot family issues and her luck was really bad no matter what she do. Old laptop and new laptop are not working. Manager are unhappy with her thinking she is incapable.

SUNDAY, Jul 9, 2023 11:15am
From: Caroline - Georgia
Prayer Request: Please pray for my daughter and I to make friends here. For I am very lonely here. Let the angels surround us with newold friends and family. Pray for me to help guide my daughter and to know how I can help her. I bought a house here help me fine out the reason God brought us here. Uplift us and help us be happy. Protect my son in ca help us get closer to each other and bond. Help me get closer to my brothers. Amen.

THURSDAY, Jul 6, 2023 02:29pm
From: Anonymous - USA
Prayer Request: Please pray for God to surround me with spiritual armor His Presence power and all He desires spiritually. Thank you.

TUESDAY, Jun 27, 2023 10:16am
From: Benjamin - NairobiKenya
Prayer Request: Prayer for me Ben of knee joint painbackfinancial. Gracemerciessally from knee joint blood sugar low moses from mild stroke salvation for MosesKiplag MonI Chris. God break break remove any chainscaptivitysinsevil foundationsickness and diseases. Ben.

MONDAY, Jun 5, 2023 07:30am
From: Harris - usa
Prayer Request: Heavenly Father we come to You in Jesus Name pray for Your healing touch to be upon stepdad who has severe dementia that he may be comforted and his symptoms eased. We pray for peace and comfort to be upon the husband grandchildren and all family members that they may draw near to You and think of eternity. We thank You for Your loving care and provision. In Jesus Name Amen.

SUNDAY, May 28, 2023 04:38pm
From: Sherry - Cleveland GA
Prayer Request: Please pray for these high school students who are requesting prayer. Riley is having school issues and Alyssa is having challenges with family relationships. Thank you for your prayer support.

WEDNESDAY, May 24, 2023 09:21pm
From: Sheena - Hatchet Bay
Prayer Request: Prayer for son Keiton needs to be delivered from drugs and witchcraft. Turn around in his life.

SUNDAY, May 14, 2023 01:32am
From: Barbara - Cleveland TN USA
Prayer Request: Please pray for barbara I have been very sick with rheumatoid arthritis and was recently diagnosed with cancer. I am in pain tonight and need complete healing. I know God can heal me I believe in Jesus Christ and am saved. I live in cleveland tn. Thank you.

MONDAY, May 8, 2023 09:49am
From: Tr - United States
Prayer Request: Please pray for God to surround my body with living water His Blood manna anointing oils spiritual armor power His Presence etc. God bless.

TUESDAY, May 2, 2023 11:14am
From: A - Florida
Prayer Request: Please pray for God to fill World Changers Church Fort Lauderdale FL with spiritual power armor living water His Blood manna anointing oils Angels Himself and all He desires. Thanks.

SATURDAY, Apr 29, 2023 08:08pm
From: B - Fl
Prayer Request: Prayers for absolute safety good health and professional prosperity for Be. May Gods divine energy be in her mind body and spirit. Thank you God. And so it is Amen.

TUESDAY, Apr 25, 2023 06:48am
From: Viola - Kingston
Prayer Request: Pray to heal Viola Cleo Bradshaw brain cancer sleep disorder emotional trauma grief loss lonelinesswith millions of angels and archangel Pahalia lift up Magdalena lovejoy heal her from a stroke and depression and split personality disorder and sleep disorder and nasal cavity desperate need due to brokenness lift up Cordelia Vogel heal her mind and heart trouble and family tree.

THURSDAY, Apr 13, 2023 04:10pm
From: dave - SoCal
Prayer Request: Please pray for our friends adopted child who has a history of abuse and emotionally injured. Pray for salvation and that her adoptive parents and siblings will have wisdom and patience with her often aberrant behavior that greatly upsets the peace in the house.

THURSDAY, Apr 6, 2023 04:09am
From: Sw - GC
Prayer Request: Praying for Gods favor that the prospective employer honors their word to offer me the job at my asking salary and commence work in mid April. Pray also for smooth transition and that company will treat SK fairly and compensate her.

SUNDAY, Apr 2, 2023 09:57am
Prayer Request: Please pray that God will give me the joy of the Lord even when Im tired stressed out. Pray that my spouse wont give me a hard time over petty things be too clings that I will sleep better have peace not worry that God will give me his favor in all areas of my life home work etc. Pray that my spouse will give our son some money to help him financially and improve the estranged relationship. Pray that God will give me some new lady friends preferably empty nester lady friends and maybe older couples. Pray that God will protect me at my work place as my tenant will go to court for eviction. Pray that my tenants will pay their new rent increase. Pray that I will find a way to make extra money.

WEDNESDAY, Mar 29, 2023 09:49pm
From: JBH - USA
Prayer Request: HelloI am struggling with deep depression. God knows all the reasons. Im asking for the Fathers help healing and intervention in this situation. Also Issues with my husband regarding conflict resolution It has been a very hard season.. We are believers. Thank you and God Bless you.

FRIDAY, Mar 10, 2023 02:48am
Prayer Request: Edward a Homeless man in Florida has Cancer. He needs healing from the most High GOD and restoration.

TUESDAY, Mar 7, 2023 09:53am
Prayer Request: We read in kjv ezekiel 2230 and I sought for a man among them that should make up the hedge and stand in the gap before me for the land that I should not destroy it but I found none. O God please help us and teach us to build a wall of prayer around the usa canada poland countries of europe and united kingdom. Are you ready to stand in the gap where God is the helper and teacherdear believers we continue the good fight to the end. Poland and europe pray for freedom from dead religion to saving faith of Jesus Christ as the saviour and the Lord the church in the usa canada united kingdom pray for repentance and cleansing of the church matt. 3. 12 whose fan is in his hand and he will thoroughly purge his floor and gather his wheat into the garner but he will burn up the chaff with unquenchable fire. My family.

TUESDAY, Mar 7, 2023 07:00am
Prayer Request: I need prayer so badly. I had a routine procedure. Two days later I woke up covered in hives that itched so badly I was crying out to God as I wanted to rip my own skin off my body. And it has been going on for 10 days now. I have been taking benadryl every four hours since then along with allegra 24 hour period but as soon as it wears off the hives are back. And they tell me they dont know why. But I am almost praying for death rather than going through this. Its like having 1 million ants crawling all over me. Please my friends I beg you please pray for me that this will go away. God bless you thank you.

SATURDAY, Mar 4, 2023 11:04pm
Prayer Request: Prayer for conceiving a babyHI I am Bobby writing with a deeply heavy and grieving heart. I have been struggling with a low semen count for a long time even though I have a clean lifestyle. We were honored with a girl baby in 2018 which was a miracle. Praise Our Heavenly FatherWe wish to conceive again but we were told by the Doctors that the chances of us conceiving another baby is very low. Me and my wife MinI are extremely sad and burdened but hope in Christ for the Lords Love Power and Existence transcends all. I would like to ask each and all of your sincere heartfelt prayers to bless us with one more child so that our baby girl will not be alone in this world.

THURSDAY, Mar 2, 2023 03:15pm
Prayer Request: Please pray for healing for Ray and Kevin both suffering with cancer.

SUNDAY, Feb 5, 2023 06:25pm
Prayer Request: I am on job training please pray for my employment. Thank you for praying for me before and now. Christ blessings be upon u all for praying for me.

SATURDAY, Feb 4, 2023 11:59pm
Prayer Request: That God would rescue my family I out of the Cartels hand heal me and stop the cartel from hurting other innocent people.

TUESDAY, Jan 17, 2023 09:34pm
Prayer Request: My sister Julie has another very urgent need in that once she leaves the hospital in for appendicitis... She will need a safe peaceful place to heal.. The lady she is living with says she is not set up for Inhome healthcare... So plz pray hard that the Lord will open an effectual door immediately for place for her to stay that is safe peaceful so she can heal.. I deeply appreciate your prayers about this thank you for standing with me.. Plz ask others to pray.. Thanks.

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