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WEDNESDAY, Jun 3, 2020 03:50pm
From: Anthony - Pennsylvania
Prayer Request: Pray for God to pour love comfort more of Him and glory into me. Ask Him to meet my every spiritualsoulphysical need. Pray against the attacks and plans of the enemy for me. Thank you!

TUESDAY, Jun 2, 2020 12:43am
From: Tr - AD
Prayer Request: Praise God appt went well. Please pray for peace love forgiveness to be in our families. Also for sick relative to be touched and healed. That progress can be made towards finalizing some things. Work will be done well and accurately. Fear taken away. May God hear the requests of others too. Praise God.

MONDAY, Jun 1, 2020 09:11pm
From: Alicia - Brisbane Australia
Prayer Request: Please pray for us for provision and finances to feed and care for our family.

MONDAY, Jun 1, 2020 07:51pm
From: Mary - Garden City
Prayer Request: Praying for God's protection against Covid-19. Pray God clear my swab t3st today so that I can return to work. Amen!

MONDAY, Jun 1, 2020 10:44am
From: Jm - US
Prayer Request: Weve been able to help 3300 pastors and families in 22 countries with a one-time gift during the pandemic so they could get food and medicine. Praise God for the kind people who made this possible. We join you all in praying for an end to the pandemic and the other issues it is creating. Praying Gods mercy will abound and many will choose to trust the Lord Jesus during this time. By Gods grace Dr. RR and our organization have been able to transition fairly well in this unusual time but we need a lot of grace and wisdom to continue to learn to operate differently. Please pray that we can proclaim Gods Word widely during this season using new and creative media strategies and projects. We are organizing virtual gatherings of pastors from around the world. Pray for many to participate and technology to function smoothly. Please pray for quality concentrated time Dr. RR can set aside to write and prepare talks.

SUNDAY, May 31, 2020 08:40pm
From: stacey - usa
Prayer Request: Please pray for familys salvation and everyones wel being.

FRIDAY, May 29, 2020 03:25pm
From: Linda - Santa Ana CA
Prayer Request: Please pray for the world and the coronavirus! Please pray for provision and for my dreams to come true! Thank you God for whats already happening! Please pray for me Vin Em Angelina Tony and ALL and All!!!!!!!!!!

FRIDAY, May 29, 2020 04:52am
From: Jt - Texas
Prayer Request: 2 special intentions for a car accident and my daughters.

THURSDAY, May 28, 2020 02:43pm
From: Daniel - Spring Hill
Prayer Request: Prayers for Kelly fighting covid 19.

THURSDAY, May 28, 2020 11:05am
From: Chris - Tennessee
Prayer Request: Please pray for me. I lost my teaching job last August and have been searching for a new one ever since. I sent my resume and cover letter to a new college yesterday and I feel like this is the one (I'm hoping that this is the one) .

THURSDAY, May 28, 2020 05:33am
From: Jon - USA
Prayer Request: Please pray for our son he is quitting smoking and needs extra strength and God's help comfort thank you.

THURSDAY, May 28, 2020 12:21am
From: Arati - India
Prayer Request: Please pray for my daughter NisI now she is unemployed. This time everything is on lock down. She is going through a lot of financial difficulties. Please pray for her daughter KhusI for her study.

MONDAY, May 25, 2020 12:58pm
From: Caroline - SAN MARCOS
Prayer Request: I was laid off due to coronavirus. Please pray that my past job will give me a letter of recommendation. I contributed. So much to the company. Pray for comfort and surround my family and I with your angels. We are very isolated here please pray for friends and family to surround us in these uncertain times. . Please pray for a vaccine soon for all of the world Amen.

SUNDAY, May 24, 2020 09:36pm
From: Jc - India
Prayer Request: For my wife ShalinI who experienced severe Chest Pain last night. Please agree with me as per Mt 18:19 that she would be totally healed by divine intervention of the Holy Spirit of God. Thank you for your prayers and supplications.

SATURDAY, May 23, 2020 09:31pm
From: Amarrion - Plainfield
Prayer Request: Lord I need you to keep guiding me and I know during this crisis I have been having a lot emotional and mental issues. I ask God to Keep my mind and live the life that he wants me to live. Not what the world see me as. Amen.

WEDNESDAY, May 20, 2020 09:34am
From: Lynn - USA
Prayer Request: Please help pray for my home based marketing business will succeed. To be able to receive the right high paying client with no hassles to pay for my services so I have money to pay my bills. For me not to have anxiety or fear of rejection for my services when I call potential clients. Thank You for your help in prayer.

TUESDAY, May 19, 2020 06:35am
From: JSC - USA
Prayer Request: Please pray for a Christian man being evicted landLord had him work for rent and now is changing story around and making this person leave please he receives favor with judge his name cleared also he find a safe healthy living environment. Thanks I am praying for posted requests.

TUESDAY, May 19, 2020 05:33am
Prayer Request: My service animal -His Excellency Hon. Jake is dying of terminal cancer. Tenative expiration 27 May 2020. (Parkinson's Disease Plus) .

MONDAY, May 18, 2020 04:30am
Prayer Request: Please pray the lockdown must end. People must realize Coronavirus is a scam to destroy your liberties. The pressure for the lockdown to end must increase. Please pray the unconstitutional lockdown in South Africa must end immediately.

SUNDAY, May 17, 2020 10:58pm
Prayer Request: I would like to ask the group to please pray for a women named MimI who is very ill. She very much appreciates any prayers.

THURSDAY, May 14, 2020 04:49am
Prayer Request: Iam very in big troubles for deception who not confess Jesus blood in salvationbut using own victims pray for my eyes sight too in attackeers of resistance forcesthanks and blesskeijo sweden.

WEDNESDAY, May 13, 2020 01:15pm
Prayer Request: Pray that my surgery goes well and the way we want it to no ostomy.

TUESDAY, May 12, 2020 10:45am
Prayer Request: Agree with me for the immediate reversal of our CEO Seans detrimental decision which compromises residents care and staffs income!!!

TUESDAY, May 12, 2020 06:18am
Prayer Request: Richard - yesterday (511) had a detached retina cant do surgery in home town must travel 2 hours away for surgery today at 12:30pm. Pray this delay has not caused permanent blindness and his eye sight will be 100 normal and functional in Jesus name amen.

MONDAY, May 11, 2020 12:51pm
Prayer Request: Please pray for these people who are very dear to me and my family's hearts. Our son Justin who is suffering from a bleeding ulcer Theresa a family friend who has challenges with cancer and my granddaughter's great aunt by marriage who just lost her husband to the Corona virus (Covid-19) Thank you God for blessing them with your strength comfort and healing. Thank you for your support.

MONDAY, May 11, 2020 10:11am
From: EMM - USA
Prayer Request: Please pray for young woman who suffered terrible abuse please pray she for her ongoing safety and the person who hurts her never hurts her again thank you!!

MONDAY, May 11, 2020 05:23am
From: SJ - NZ
Prayer Request: Please pray for my brothers who are in prison. They'll receive their verdict tomorrow. We are praying for a miracle! I would truly appreciate your prayers thank you.

SUNDAY, May 10, 2020 11:39am
From: M. - USA
Prayer Request: Please pray that I will receive complete deliverance from nightmares and hearing evil voices at night and that I will receive healing. Pray also that the person I live with will dispose of their idols and turn from witchcraft and sorcery and receive salvation before its too late. Thank you.

SUNDAY, May 10, 2020 10:09am
Prayer Request: Please pray that My two daughters will begin living for Jesus. They are choosing the world right now and it breaks my heart. One of my daughters suffers from mental illness and I pray for healing and deliverance in Jesus Name!

SATURDAY, May 9, 2020 07:25pm
Prayer Request: Please pray for my finances right now with vivid 19 so much is up in the air. I pray for everyones safety and health during this time. And I am praying for my marriage and for my husbands salvation. I pray for a Godly marriage and home.

SATURDAY, May 9, 2020 03:44am
From: SJ - HBC
Prayer Request: Please pray for my brothers who badly need a breakthrough in their lives & urgent help this weekend in an extremely dire situation. They're very desperate and at their breaking point. Only God can deliver them from this mess! Help me to stand for them please. We truly need favour from certain ppl. Pray their hearts to respond. They've been stubborn so far. Also pray for me that I can be the strong faithful friend they need. Thank you.

TUESDAY, May 5, 2020 11:59pm
Prayer Request: Please pray for my mother who is bedridden from a stroke and MS. She has been battling congestion and upset stomach. Please pray for my brother and me I lost my job. Thsnk you.

TUESDAY, May 5, 2020 01:45am
Prayer Request: Please pray for Leola she is in excruciating pain from a metal plate in her leg. Please pray for a miracle healing.

TUESDAY, May 5, 2020 12:29am
From: CRIS - AK
Prayer Request: Please pray for my friend Ken whose mother has just passed from this earth... He's still very young and I'm afraid that this tragic loss has greatly shaken him and his potential faith in Christ. It might break up his current life too. He needs prayer for strength comfort & healing... And a deep encounter with Jesus. Pray for the right encouragement and help for him and also pray that I might be a true friend. Thank you.

MONDAY, May 4, 2020 03:21pm
From: KEN - ISA
Prayer Request: Please pray for my friend who is going through depression to find joy & strength in the Lord and to do the right thing for his marriage and be spirit led.

SUNDAY, May 3, 2020 04:46pm
Prayer Request: I would like to ask for prayer for myself. Today I was judging other person but I was don't mean to do do. Just that happen I would like to ask that you will pray for me that I will go to stop judging other people. I'm Christian but sometimes I just judging other people a making them feel uncomfortable. I hope that one day will stopped that doing. This is why I'm asking for prayers that I will the right Christian what God's want to I be.

SATURDAY, May 2, 2020 02:37am
Prayer Request: Prayer request from Light And Life Mission Cameroon. 1. We have an Orphanage with 20 Children and 4 IDPs pray the needs of our Orphanage like food supply medicals School fees for the Children house rent which are making so difficult for us. 2. Our Vocational Training Center pray that God opened the financial door for us to be able to meet up with paying the teacher's Rents of the house more materials like computers sawing machines hair dressing items. Thanks for prayers.

FRIDAY, May 1, 2020 07:52pm
Prayer Request: Hello. Im Requesting Prayer for me and my Fiance - Vanessa. Trouble has come across us lately and I pray that The Lord will help us stay Together and that we serve Him in Everything that we do. I dont want to lose her. Thank you I Love U All - In Jesus Name.

TUESDAY, Apr 28, 2020 08:31am
Prayer Request: I need prayer because I'm really discouraged about the frequent stay at home orders that keep getting extended before the current one can expire and I feel the govt is abusing this and I dont hear any prophets speaking any end to this.

TUESDAY, Apr 28, 2020 01:37am
Prayer Request: I come humbly before both God and you tonight asking for prayer. My husband has cancerhe says it's terminal. A family's house burned the day after Christmas and we took them inbecause we love them. They are still hereleaving in a few day. Husband is on chemocauses bad temperleading to bad words between them. Please pray for God's help w this ? May God bless each one's prayer. In Jesus name I thank you Mary.

SATURDAY, Apr 25, 2020 06:17pm
Prayer Request: Please pray for healing for Alan a young man in Michigan who has been admitted to the hospital with the coronavirus. Thank you for your prayers!

SATURDAY, Apr 25, 2020 05:04pm
Prayer Request: I am trying my best be a good Christian husband and father. My name is rodney ingram. A few years back I introduced lesbian and straight porn into the bedroom of my wife and i. Lately I have started to become more and more obsessed with including my lesbian daughter into some of my wife and i's maritial sexual spiritual practices to cover up what is being done in the dark. I can tell that it bothers her and hinders her success in life. I am asking that everytime I get the urge God intervene and stop these sinful acts. I want to walk worthy of heaven and God's love again. God hold me accountable. I am ready to live for you.

SATURDAY, Apr 25, 2020 06:51am
Prayer Request: Please pray for my marriage. Please pray that I learned to be still before reacting on my emotions. My husband is so consumed with money it's like he's a human walking calculator. He makes me feel guilty I know that's not his intentions but the money issue is killing our marriage. I can see if I was a big spender but I'm not. I'm very honest with him every time I get money yet that's not good enough I feel like more than a girlfriend than a wife he constantly talks about what he does for me but isn't that what a husband's supposed to do I'm not sure anymore.

FRIDAY, Apr 24, 2020 10:15am
Prayer Request: I have developed a health condition in the last month and my doctors arent sure what is going on. I was tested for flu and covid- 19 which I turned out to be negative. Ive had a cough and chest pains. Strangely I have little to no appetite which is not normal. Ive lost 15 pounds and struggling to keep weight on. This has put physical and financial stress on my family. My energy is bottoming out. I am trusting that I will receive answers and healing soon. Thank you for your prayers and standing with me in this trial.

THURSDAY, Apr 23, 2020 09:31pm
Prayer Request: I was poisoned and my doctor and the specialist doctor I was referred to cant figure it out and all the specialist doctor can say is that its not natural. Half my body has swollen limbs and im losing hair and I have unexplained weight loss. I probably dont have long to survive unless I get a miracle. I was also swatted at my job on monday 42020. I have elderly parents that depend on me.

THURSDAY, Apr 23, 2020 06:46pm
Prayer Request: Gracious God. We love you. You are the center of our joy and the strength of our lives. We pray that you will bring men and women to a place of repentance and forgive our sins. We ask that you surround our president with Godly council and that all elected officials and world leaders will have wise counsel and have a heart for God. We ask that you will forgive the sins of our land and heal our land. Have mercy on us all. Grant us your peace and direction. We pray for revival in our hearts and churches. We pray for the peace of Jerusalem and healing for all of those affected by the corona virus. Lord in your loving kindness and tender mercies hear our prayers and let your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. We give you glory for moving by your spirit and answering our prayers. In Jesus' name amen.

WEDNESDAY, Apr 22, 2020 05:12pm
Prayer Request: Brad is going to get a 3rd surgery for a brain cancer. Please pray for a successful outcome and that he would be healed.

WEDNESDAY, Apr 22, 2020 01:18pm
Prayer Request: Need prayer for protection against severe storms coming through my area in the pre-dawn hours please? God is my shelter!

TUESDAY, Apr 21, 2020 03:09pm
Prayer Request: Please pray for Gilbert & Stacy of Jimenez & Associates Realty in San Francisco. We pray against their illegal eviction process illegal real estate practices and we co n e againstcancel their plans to evict us.

TUESDAY, Apr 21, 2020 10:07am
Prayer Request: God please help me to destroy and overcome lies of the devil.

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