We welcome your interest in participating with the International Prayer Network.

The IPN is a world-wide prayer chain of Christians who intercede for the requests of persons from around the globe who find our site on the internet. The International Prayer Network is operated as a nondenominational Christian ministry of Victorious Christian Ministries of Northern California.

To be eligible to serve in this ministry you must:

(1) Provide us your full name, address and your e-mail address,

(2) Attest to the fact that you are a born again Christian,

(3) Agree with our basic statement of faith,

(4) Provide us with the name of the local church you attend, and attach a written recommendation from your pastor,

(5) Pledge to check your e-mail each day and pray over each request we download to you,

(6) Agree to abide by the International Prayer Network volunteer policies,

To apply as a volunteer with the International Prayer Network, send the our director a personal message addressing all issues above. Once we hear from you, we will provide an address where you can send your Pastor's letter of recommendation.

We will respond to all inquiries, however we cannot guarantee your acceptance as a prayer volunteer.