We've received hundreds of letters and emails over the years. One of these days when we get time, we'll update this page and add dozens more. These are just a few samples of some encouraging ones:


I cannot tell you enough how much I appreciate your service via the internet, I have prayed for and met some of the most wonderful people on the face of the earth. God has answered so many prayers for me via this tool I wouldnít even know where to begin to tell you. I am recovering so fast from having a kidney taken out due to two kinds of cancer that it amazes the Drs. The surgeon told me he didnít need to see me again after just a few weeks. No after care was needed. It was a rare kind and God took care of it... I so humbly say thanks to everyone who is a volunteer, we will not know what an impact it has made till we get to heaven. 

Thanks for this service. 

Sherry Kent, 



I am the mom who wrote 3-4 weeks ago about my daughter being sexually active and having oral sex in the bathroom with boys at school. Boy, that is still hard to say even weeks later! We were able to find a great christian counselor who is working with us on sliding scale. We have to travel an hour to get to her, but it is worth it. My daughter has been seeing her for two weeks now and really likes her counselor. Approximately two weeks ago my daughter attended a service at our church and went up for prayer. I had told my daughter that I had sought counsel with the pastor but did not give him a lot of embarassing details that I felt were more appropriate for a counselor. So she felt comfortable enough at this service to have the pastor pray for her. He told her that he felt she needed to confess her sins and directed her to his daughter who leads the youth group. She went right then and prayed and confessed with his daughter. The pastors daughter advised my daughter that she needed to break up with her boyfriend and my daughter gladly took her councel. It was hard for her to do but she did it. Thank you to everyone who has prayed. I feel your prayers and I feel God embracing us. There is so much healing that has to be done and I know itís a long road. But, thatís ok. I will keep updating everyone. 

Mrs. A., 
New Jersey



I just wanted to let you know how your organization, and some of the people in it, have helped to changed my life, thru your internet prayer request link! The following is a true story, please feel free to pass it on to anyone you think may be helped by hearing it. Memorial Day (May 25, 1998) weekend I was alone for the 1st time since having a heart attack and "dying" fifteen months before, and having an internal defibrillator put in me. Laura, my wife, was gone overnight to a family reunion. A friend was supposed to come and stay with me (I'm not supposed to be left alone), but something came up and he couldn't make it. I was scared, so I did a search of "Christian" on the internet. There was a long list of hits, and i randomly selected one, went to their site, and found a link for "Prayer requests". 

I went to the link, sent a brief summary of my situation, and asked them to pray for me. Within thirty minutes, they e-mailed me the following response, a prayer they said was inspired by James 4. I read it and felt great. It reminded me I'm never alone, and kept me from being fearful. I usually start every day with prayer. I decided to start every day off by reading this prayer, then praying my prayers: (From James 4:) "Lord, I submit to you and yield to you for this day. I bow to your will and invite you to live your resurrection and power through me. I can only live today as a Christian should, in your Name and strength. Lord, keep me today. Lord, I now obey the command of the Bible, Your word, and resist the Devil and all his demons and charge him, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ and through HIS PRECIOUS BLOOD, to leave me and all my possessions, my family, and all my interests entirely and absolutely alone: for he is defeated by the victory and death of the Christ on the cross. 

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for this victory. May I walk in the constant enjoyment of it today, resisting the devil and submitting consciously to God at every moment." After reading these verses the next morning, I thought, "Thank you, Lord. Today, I will not fear". Spontaneously, without trying or intending to, I wrote a 36 verse poem / song. I've never been able to make 2 lines rhyme before in my life. These 36 verses flew out of my head as fast as I could type them. I was afraid I'd forget the line I was typing, because I was always thinking two or three lines ahead of it. 

When I finished and looked at the verses, I was amazed! The verses rhymed. They reminded me I never need to be afraid, that I'm never alone - and said how I feel about the Lord, and our relationship. Fear hasn't gripped me, like it had almost constantly for 15 months, since reading the prayer inspired by James 4, and writing these verses. Fear has been the worst part of this ordeal. Praise God, I'm over it! 

Your friend, praising God, in Him, 

Dan Stone