The IPN is a nondenominational Christian internet site devoted to praying for requests that are sent to us from internet users all over the world. The mission of the International Prayer Network is to pray for needs and express encouragement, offering Jesus Christ as the answer to all of life's problems. Thousands of lives have been encouraged and touched through the ministry of the IPN, and we have scores of prayer volunteers from the U.S. and other nations that join with us in this ministry. We will review and consider the application of any born-again Christian believer who is an active participant in a legitamate Christian church. Be sure to see our Basic Faith Statement, and the IPN Volunteer Policies.

POSTING OF PRAYER REQUESTS ON OUR PRAYER BOARD -- The IPN receives many thousands of prayer requests... each which is e-mailed to our volunteers for prayer. We also post many, but not all, requests to our online public prayer board. To be posted publicly, the requests must first be reviewed, which due to limited staff resources, may not always be possible. Besides this, prayer requests will NOT be posted publicly without (1) the actual name of the poster, (2) the real city, state or nation of the poster, and (3) a valid e-mail address. Requests or messages will not be posted that display private information, advertising, foul language, sexual innuendo, suggestions of immoral or illegal activity, or any content deemed redundant, peculiar or unsuitable for our Christian audience. We cannot guarantee the posting of any message or prayer request, and we reserve the right to block or refuse posts, emails or messages from anyone at our discretion. We will not be responsible for content submitted or consequences of such public disclosures.

PRAYER REQUEST FORWARDING SYSTEM -- The International Prayer Network uses an automated system that instantly e-mails the prayer requests we receive to our prayer chain volunteers. The prayer requests are forwarded to you in real-time, as they are sent to our center.

PRAYING FOR NEEDS -- Once a volunteer pledges to "check their e-mail each day and pray over each request we download to them," we trust the volunteer to keep this commitment. We recommend for the volunteer to pray at least "one minute" (or longer when possible) over each prayer request.

Below is a sample format of the Prayer Requests that volunteers will receive:

(If the respondent provides their e-mail address, it will appear in the "Reply To" header of the IPN prayer request.)


PRAYER_REQUEST: A description of their prayer request.

FROM: The name of person submitting request. (Optional)

AREA: Where the person lives. (Optional)


MESSAGES FROM THE IPN DIRECTOR -- The IPN Director regularly communicates with the volunteers by e-mail, and frequently sends updates, information, or testimony reports. Volunteers can communicate with the IPN Director at this e-mail address.

PRAYER VOLUNTEER CONFIDENTIALITY: The personal information provided to us from our volunteers (including e-addresses) is kept confidential and is not made available to mailing lists, etc. Neither is the IPN involved in e-mail solicitation or other such things. However, if the volunteer wishes, we can make their e-mail address available to other prayer volunteers so that they can communicate between each other.

POLICY REGARDING EMAIL REPLIES: If a sender's e-mail address is included with their prayer request, the prayer volunteer may send a reply to express encouragement. However, volunteers are NOT allowed to perform counseling, nor are permitted to use such e-addresses to circulate unsolicited messages or appeals (called spamming). See our Volunteer Policies.

PRAYER APPLICATION FORM -- Persons who wish to become a volunteer prayer partner with the International Prayer Network must fill out the Prayer Chain Application Form. We are usually able to process these applications within a few days. The pastor of the applicant must fax or e-mail a letter of recommendation before the application will be approved.

MINISTRY PARTNERS NEEDED -- The International Prayer Network is staffed by volunteers, however there are many expenses to operate a world-wide ministry of this magnitude. Consequently, we need the faithful prayer and financial backing of ministry partners.

IPN BANNER -- You can let people know about the ministry of the Internet Prayer Center, by displaying our attractive banner at the bottom of your web site. Contact us and we will send this to you, along with instructions.