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Pray urgently for the protection of the followers of Jesus Christ worldwide! Persecution and mass-murder of Christians is increasing, most especially in Iraq, Syria, Pakistan and African nations! Pray for these nations, that God will protect the innocent, halt the wickedness of terrorists, and bring evil men to repentance! And pray especially that believers everywhere will awaken from their slumber and apathy, and to realize that the return of the Lord is near! --
Thank you for praying! - Pastor Robbins

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TUESDAY, October 25, 2016 11:58pm
From: ken - ohio
Prayer Request: My wife's mental illness is putting a strain on our marriage. Please pray that I will be what God wants me to be at this time and pray that our relationship will flourish in spite of her illness. I believe healing is coming but we are suffering in the meantime. I ask that God will give my wife a revelation of His love and bond us tight as a couple. I pray for His favor upon our marriage and her health

TUESDAY, October 25, 2016 5:08pm
From: michelle - minnesota
Prayer Request: Please pray for Sarah to find a new job, affordable childcare and an affordable place to live by the end of November.

MONDAY, October 24, 2016 7:08pm
From: SS - FL
Prayer Request: Please pray for George H. He is very sick unsaved too.

SUNDAY, October 23, 2016 11:25pm
From: ken - ohio
Prayer Request: Please pray that finances will manifest for me. I am working two jobs and doing everything I know to do. I need money to manifest asap because my savings are depleted. I need to catch up on bills I'm behind on. I could lose my security clearance because of my financial troubles and that would cause me to lose my job. I need to have my home plumbing repaired it will cost $4300 and the money I sat aside for that is gone. I need help and dont know of any way to get that help. My credit is too bad to get a consolidation loan. My long term goal is to pay off 70k to get completely out of debt, but for now, I desperately need approximately 10k.

SUNDAY, October 23, 2016 5:15pm
From: Gloria - gladdmo@verizon. net
Prayer Request: Prayer request for my husband Elmo, he is in Critical Care ICU, had open heart surgery on Wed, his heart is too weak to beat on itís on, need another procedure done on Monday Oct 24, 2016, to see if it can be corrected. Please pray that the Lord will strengthen his heart to function on itís on, and that his kidneys and liver remains stable, please join my family asking God for a complete healing of his body, in the name of Jesus.

SUNDAY, October 23, 2016 5:14pm
From: gery - jakarta, indonesia
Prayer Request: Our Father in Heaven please help me to get out from all my poverty and debt curse, all my bad luck or spirit curse, I believe that and prayers can move mountains and create real change in my life in the name of Christ Jesus. Amen

SATURDAY, October 22, 2016 1:47am
From: ken - ohio
Prayer Request: Please continue to stand in agreement with me for my wife's healing. She is still mentally ill. The delusions are still very strong. I see frustration increasing in her. She's coming to a crisis point, but God is in charge and I believe He's going to save her. I have prayed that she is already healed mentally, emotionally, physically and delivered from demonic influence and I'm standing in faith that it's a done deal, according to 1 JN 5:14-15. Also, I'm not seeing a manifestation of her healing as of yet, even though I know it's done in God's sight and the lack of evidence has been hard on my confidence. Please pray that I will be strong in faith and not give up Thanks and God bless you!

FRIDAY, October 21, 2016 2:05pm
From: Karen - FL
Prayer Request: For Denise Scheduled Nov. 2 for kidney removal surgery because of cancerous mass on it. Very nervous afraid

FRIDAY, October 21, 2016 9:47am
From: Quintessa - Spartanburg, SC
Prayer Request: For God to supply the funds needed to start a Homevestors Franchise Business.

THURSDAY, October 20, 2016 8:32pm
From: Sheree - USA
Prayer Request: Please pray that my husband will be removed from our home. I believe that he is cheating on me, either physically or emotionally with other women. I can't leave our home right now, so pray that he will be moved out. Thank you!

THURSDAY, October 20, 2016 7:20pm
From: Yuriy - Ukraine. Khersons\'ka obl
Prayer Request: Please pray to God for help me to solve problems. Pray for healing me and for take hope and happiness at my life. Thanks you, God bless you and Glory to Jesus Christ.

THURSDAY, October 20, 2016 12:28pm
From: michele - Arizona
Prayer Request: Need Lord tell me what I can do to make our lives good. Need nights become sweet sleep word promises and not torture chamber struggling for air and coughing, sleeping few hours nightly weeks on end. Believing God healing 12 yrs mystery breathing illness with extreme fatigue. I'm slim and fit. 8 yr old granddaughter Im raising out of control terrible fits, throwing breaking things, calling names? Im strong Christian, we read bible and pray mornings, attend church, don't know why this allowed by God to continue. Prayed for Godly companion, healing, kids to act like Christian girls years. Need miracles, especially in breathing and if to move out of phoenix (terrible air quality) God to direct and arrange. Don't know how much longer I can fight alone. Agree good school day for girls, major breakthrough for me, need hope, don't want to live like this anymore : (

WEDNESDAY, October 19, 2016 11:03pm
From: Sherry - Ks
Prayer Request: For Ethan a young child in the 4th grade who goes for Chemo tomorrow in Kansas City. The last time he had chemo he went into Anaphylactic Shock and was in critical condition. His brain cancer is so difficult that the dr. Has held conferences with Drs all over the world to help him treat this child. Ethan is a strong Christian even at his young age. He is my SIL's great nephew and a darling child that I love much. TIA for all your prayers.

WEDNESDAY, October 19, 2016 9:01pm
From: Minister - Tacoma Wa
Prayer Request: My husband and I are ministers pray with us against racist satanic demonic attacks against us from renters neighbors we pray that God intervenes and protect us from them hopefully they will move we are seniors own our home they hate us so deeply filed false police reports to obtain antI harassment it was granted under lies and deceit. They continue to do evil things against us the police or courts have not been successful to stop them we know that God can help us moving is not an option for us. Thank you Servants of God.

WEDNESDAY, October 19, 2016 8:31am
From: gery - jakarta selatan, indonesia
Prayer Request: Dear Father in Heaven, forgive all my sin and help me to crushed all my poverty and debt curse, all my bad luck spirit. Blessed me with more good prosperity and financial, in Christ Jesus name, Amen

WEDNESDAY, October 19, 2016 12:43am
From: shereese - atlantic city
Prayer Request: I need God to blessed me with money for the holidays

TUESDAY, October 18, 2016 7:40pm
From: alexander - phila. pa u. s. a
Prayer Request: Pamela, has cancer of the breasts, blood, lymph nodes. She is also a diabetic and has kidney problems

TUESDAY, October 18, 2016 1:15pm
From: jill - usa
Prayer Request: Health for Lynn of a itchy hot/painful rash that makes if difficult to wear clothes-Bless with divine love all children/parents of El Camino school-Heal Andy Nikki's energy regarding LC help them valve/appreciate her, bring peace to their minds-Heal KM's female reproduction/weight/self worth/open all doors for her book to be publish/have a full time class room for her to teach/Heal Tom stop him from playing around on his wife SherrI support her with esteem-Heal Rosie's intense back pain

TUESDAY, October 18, 2016 7:42am
From: Katarina - Serbia
Prayer Request: Please, support me in prayers: For improvement, developing and deepening of relationship between ZORO T. And me, so that we grow into strong Christian couple and get married. Thank you for all your prayers Wish you all the blessings Katarina

TUESDAY, October 18, 2016 7:42am
From: Myra - South Africa
Prayer Request: Please help us in prayer. My husband and I are currently living with his parents. We have been with them for a year which we had not planned to do. We had planned to build our little 2 bedroom flat behind their home as they asked us to live with them and it also helps us financially but I already feel resentful and angry. I really do not like to feel this way because I am a child of God and this is not the example I would like to lead by. I feel frustrated, angry and resentful every day. I ask God to take me out of this situation and help us to build or get our own home so that we can be on our own as husband and wife .

MONDAY, October 17, 2016 9:42pm
From: Lifeng - Beijing/China
Prayer Request: I need urgent finacial supports now, may God bless me richly.

MONDAY, October 17, 2016 7:36pm
From: Megan - Bella Vista CA
Prayer Request: My prayer request is that my husbands and my marriage would be fully restored, We have been apart for almost a year and a half now. We have an almost three year old son together, He had previously wanted to try working things out so we dismissed the divorce case, now he is wanting to re-file. He says he isn't ready for a relationship and is more so interested for girls that are temporary. He doesn't yet know the Lord. So I pray he encounters God in such a way it would change his life forever and that God would fully restore our marriage to even better than we ever could imagine.

MONDAY, October 17, 2016 2:14pm
From: Aneesh - Yellowknife, Canada
Prayer Request: Please pray for my wife who is taking her final exam on Nov 2nd week. This is her last chance for her to continue on her career. I appreciate your help.

SUNDAY, October 16, 2016 1:37pm
From: Karen - London
Prayer Request: Please pray that God makes it possible for me to speak with Robin.

SUNDAY, October 16, 2016 10:28am
From: gery - indonesia, jakarta selatan
Prayer Request: Our Heavenly Father help me to crushed all my poverty spirit and debts spirit curse, all my attacker spirit curse. Blessed me with good financial and good prosperity, in Christ Jesus name, Amen

FRIDAY, October 14, 2016 5:01pm
From: solomon - kenya
Prayer Request: Solomon Ogura OtienoI'm asking you to pray for me that all my money being with held by people released pray for Gods protection as well pray for Gods anointing upon my life pray for Gods power as I serve pray that those who should give to me give to me nowsolomon and pamelaJust now

FRIDAY, October 14, 2016 5:01pm
From: D Robbins - Nashville, TN
Prayer Request: Please continue to pray for Lee's health, a dear friend in California's bay area. She has now been hospitalized 4 times and now sent a second time to a Nursing Facility. Pray also for her husband, Andre, who is struggling to cope with these health challenges, and their son Adam.

FRIDAY, October 14, 2016 12:56pm
From: jill - usa
Prayer Request: Bring Peace to Dan/Miguel/Daniel/Amanda/Laurel/Javier/Alejandro/Sherri/Jamie/Tom/Ty Health ASAP KM female reproduction , Lynn intense painful rash, Remove the intense heat from Santa Barbara replace it with cool/rain weather ASAP release the drought quickly please-Heal Dan of the need to smoke-Pull hate heal as needed from the following B. G., J. S., M. D., L. G., K. M., Monica, Anthony, Randy, Heal JC.

FRIDAY, October 14, 2016 10:54am
From: ken - ohio
Prayer Request: I've written before and asked for prayer for my wife who has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, hallucinations and delusional thinking and although I've seen improvement, the delusions are still very strong. She's trying to stay in the marriage but I can tell her mind is confused. We used to be very close until this sickness happened, which makes this especially heartbreaking. I'm seeing frustration increasing in her. She is angry at God and is acting out of character. Please pray that our marriage would be restored and I ask that you would agree with us me that her love for me will return 100 and that our love for each other will grow even stronger. Thanks!

THURSDAY, October 13, 2016 8:16pm
From: kara - las vegas
Prayer Request: My boyfriend Anthony walk has cancer an we've been in the hospital going on 11 days now. Everytime he gets better he starts to get worst. I dont know Our Lords plan for him. I'm just requesting a prayer chain for him to get better. He's fighting with everything he has an I want him to get better. If Gods ready for him to go him I understand but I have faith that hell get better an that Our Father has great plans for him. Please pray for him in hope hell get better. Thank you.

THURSDAY, October 13, 2016 1:50pm
From: lena - baltimore
Prayer Request: I need mighty prayers for Rosario that God grants her mighty abundant financial covering Gods supernatural breakthroughs rent 1000, utities 300, water 1000 to pay down, 1500-5000 dentalcare praying 1500 will suffice just mighty prayers a miracle 5600-10000 blessings prayers business monies windfalls opprotunties and extra parttime jobs come her way just divine money anointing miracles favors victory over lack protection over household victory over stress over household favor, she needs immed monies, thanks greatly

THURSDAY, October 13, 2016 11:14am
From: Gene - USA
Prayer Request: Help! A lawsuit has arisen that is meaningless. I live on small, fixed income and don't have the funds to hire a lawyer. I'm also dealing with a long term serious illness. It looks like spiritual warfare. Please pray that God would have them drop the suit. In Jesus'name.

THURSDAY, October 13, 2016 7:39am
From: Averie - Philadelphia, PA
Prayer Request: I would like prayer, To remove bad luck in my life, Every where I turn bad things keep happening to me. I need a financial blessing to get a new place to live. And to get closer to God.

THURSDAY, October 13, 2016 12:49am
From: Be - Orlando
Prayer Request: Prayer for John for absolute safety and ease as he travels. Prayer for Be and Melva for absolute healing and continued health of their bodies and mind. Thank you God. And so it is!!!

WEDNESDAY, October 12, 2016 12:12am
From: ken - ohio
PRAISE REPORT! I wrote last week about my wife who is mentally ill. I said I needed to talk to her about her condition. I wanted to convince her that her delusions are not true. I didnt know how she would recieve it. I am thankful to say that after talking to her, she is at least willing to accept that she may have a mental illness. She still wants to believe her delusions are true but she is considering what I'm telling her about her condition. She is VERY angry at God, and that concerns me. She is hurt because she wants to know why He didnt help her more when the mental illness started overpowering her mind. She did everything she knew to do but she slipped into a delusion that is hard to shake, even now. Please continue to pray and thank you, your prayers are seeing results!

TUESDAY, October 11, 2016 3:54pm
From: John - WA State
Prayer Request: Please pray for me to receive enough financial income to pay my rent and monthly expenses. Thank you. I am a 78 YO Veteran, lost my retirement and last Friday Oct. 7, 2016 received a 3 day notice to vacate my home... And am also being pressured by 3 banks to pay overdue accounts.

TUESDAY, October 11, 2016 1:02pm
From: Mary - columbus Ohio
Prayer Request: My wife Mary was diagnosed with uterine cancer. I believe it's God's will to heal and that when we go for pre-operation check they will find nothing. The Dr. Said cancer just don't go away! We'll see! Please join with me that God will heal Mary and I will testify for Jesus when they see God move! Thank you for standing with me in prayer. Bill associate pastor of S. S. Baptist church ohio

TUESDAY, October 11, 2016 12:37pm
From: Natalie - USA
Prayer Request: Please pray for healing of my left breast. I have a bug bite or ringworm or something that is taking forever to heal and it isn't going away. I am so scared. I can't go to the doctor and have no health insurance. I don't know what else to do. I have tried lots of home remedies and over the counter creams and nothing is working. I need a miracle. I need God's healing powerful touch.

TUESDAY, October 11, 2016 10:22am
From: Gene - USA
Prayer Request: Help! A lawsuit has arisen that is meaningless. I live on small, fixed income and don't have the funds to hire a lawyer. I'm also dealing with a long term illness. It looks like spiritual warfare. Please pray that God would have them drop the suit. In Jesus'name.

TUESDAY, October 11, 2016 10:15am
From: John - Ny
Prayer Request: Pray for all these people. All of the people for salvation and healing. Pat, lynn's son, debbie, uncle tony, cindy, vicky,. Pray that God will heal each and every one of them from all diseases. That God will comfort them and his love and presence will be upon them. That they will experience the power of God and God will bring everyone home to their family. Comfort people who lost love ones everywhere. Thank you in Jesus name amen.

TUESDAY, October 11, 2016 2:06am
From: Yer - FRESNO
Prayer Request: My father, La, had a stoke and is now in bed for two years. He had a trach in his throat and feeding tube in his stomach. His kidney is now 13 and his calcium is very high which the doctor think it might be bone cancer. Please pray for healing so my father can stop coughing, his two tubes will be taken out so he can eat and talk. Also, for him to walk again and his kidney to be strong again. Please pray so he can be heal for head to toe and be healthy again. Thank you!

MONDAY, October 10, 2016 6:51pm
From: SMC - Dallas
Prayer Request: Lord God I ask you to touch and deliver D from evil. In Jesus name, Amen

MONDAY, October 10, 2016 1:51pm
From: michele - Arizona
Prayer Request: Woke up choking struggling for air hours again last night, believing Gods Word, HE HEALS ALL MY DISEASES. I'M ASKING LORD TO PLEASE ALLOW ME TO LIVE TO RAISE MY GRANDDAUGHTERS, youngest 8 yrs. She heard me having coughing fits last night and came to comfort me at 3 am. She's just a baby, I'm all she has, I know God is merciful. Doctors calling it COPD but I know spiritual, feels like being choked at night. My life is a living hell. Need hope, deliverance from fear and severe depression, ability to breathe and sleep at night, faith to go on. I'm only 57 yrs old, battling 12 yrs. NEED MIRACLES NOW, disability approved 2nd try, barely able to do school on line, how could I work? Please pray 8 yr old Jordins sake I will live to raise her with peace and joy.

MONDAY, October 10, 2016 8:45am
From: Gene - USA
Prayer Request: Help! A lawsuit has arisen that is meaningless. I live on small, fixed income and don't have the funds to hire a lawyer. I'm also dealing with a long term illness. It looks like spiritual warfare. Please pray that God would have them drop the suit. In Jesus'name.

SUNDAY, October 9, 2016 2:49am
Prayer Request: Blessed morning, please pray for tonderaI he put God first in his life that God directs him to his perfect job as he finishes his phd program. That Gods perfect will prevails upon his life. AMEN

SATURDAY, October 8, 2016 3:49pm
From: wing - United States
Prayer Request: Praying for Rich's heart to learn Christ and that he will reach out and let me know his heart to our relationship. It has been bothersome. I plead for mercies in our relationship. Can you please pray that I will hear from him again?

SATURDAY, October 8, 2016 1:33pm
From: cheryl - southern ohio
Prayer Request: Please pray for my son to be released from prison early to come home and live with me and my husband we sure could use his help around here He has served the majority of his time there were no victims in his crime and has given his life over to the Lord Thank you and God bless

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