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SUNDAY, January 19, 2020 3:06pm
From: Barbara - Texas
Prayer Request: Please pray that all goes well in my hip replacement surgery tomorrow. Thank you.

SUNDAY, January 19, 2020 3:06pm
From: gail - pa.
Prayer Request: Maria Diagnosed /3cm tumor -right lung-still draining fluid/lungs. Needs Salvation.

SUNDAY, January 19, 2020 3:21am
From: James - Orange, California, USA
Prayer Request: Charlyna has been verbally abused at work by the upper management and others. She is suffering from panic attacks and severe depression and worry regarding work. She is having a very hard time focusing on her work and is now making mistakes on her work. Please pray:1) That God would remedy the situation 2) That she would be healed from physical manifestations caused by the worry and stress. SOS!!! Thank You.

SATURDAY, January 18, 2020 9:00pm
From: Tracy - Texarkana
Prayer Request: I am 30 weeks pregnant with my daughter, Madelyn. At 19 weeks the ultrasound showed some abnormalities such as smaller head size, cleft lip/palate, hole in her heart. The blood test confirmed Trisomy 13. At 23 weeks the hole in her heart was gone. God healed it; praise the Lord! I would like prayers for complete removal of Trisomy 13 from her body in the name of Jesus. The next ultrasound is scheduled for Jan. 27th.

SATURDAY, January 18, 2020 1:39pm
From: susie - tn
Prayer Request: I have a problem that only God can fix please pray for His help. God knows what I ask

FRIDAY, January 17, 2020 8:58pm
From: gail - pa.
Prayer Request: Prayers for Maria -in hospital-fluid in her lungs. Pray also for her daughter Donna -very anxious worrying about her mom. Gods Healing and Comfort upon them both !

THURSDAY, January 16, 2020 6:22pm
From: barbara - oklahoma
Prayer Request: I need healing for the severe emphysema I have. It can't get much worse without taking my life. Thank you so very much.

TUESDAY, January 14, 2020 10:46am
From: susie - USA
Prayer Request: There is something that needs to be fixed in my life, please pray that God will fix this for me, please? It is very important God knows exactly what I am asking for

MONDAY, January 13, 2020 11:01am
From: susie - usa
Prayer Request: Please pray for God's protection for myself tonight early am as we have some more severe storms headed our ways again. I love alone have no one to help me, but I know God is always with me

MONDAY, January 13, 2020 7:51am
From: Danny - co
Prayer Request: Please pray for my mom (Bernadette) , she is now 71 years old and has been dealing with a spirit of death and several demonic attacks since 2013. The Lord has shown me several times how all the diseases she has been dealing with are not natural, Now, one of my sisters (Rosalie) and my cousin (Patrick) also have health issues. Thank you for any prayers!!!

SATURDAY, January 11, 2020 3:18pm
From: bishop - austin
Prayer Request: Please pray for north star fellowship.

SATURDAY, January 11, 2020 6:10am
From: susie - USA
Prayer Request: I ask prayer for protection safety today, it is urgent. God knows exactly what is needed. Please, please pray for me? Thank you Jesus! I Praise God for all His blessings His love

FRIDAY, January 10, 2020 12:40pm
From: susie - USA
Prayer Request: I need God's protection safety for Saturday as we are in the path of the severe weather, I am elderly I have no one but God to help me, so please pray for me that I my home will be protected.

FRIDAY, January 10, 2020 12:40pm
From: Joni - kentucky
Prayer Request: Prayer request for JonI deliverance from alcohol for marriage bipolar disorder for salvation for her heart too be changed for her husband Ashley guidance wisdom direction protection

THURSDAY, January 9, 2020 4:07pm
From: Clovis - Texas
Prayer Request: This prayer request is for granddaughter Jan L. Who is having major surgery on thyroid and tumor under ear. Partial or full blindness possible with this surgery please pray the Lord will guide the Surgeon's hands and mind for complete success. God Bless

WEDNESDAY, January 8, 2020 3:17pm
From: bishop - Ausitn
Prayer Request: Please pray with us in ausitn that cancer be brought into remission all around the globe and that through the changing of life styles and obedience to God that the aids virus will leave us . Praying to the completion of cancer test. Correct diagnosis and treatment.

WEDNESDAY, January 8, 2020 2:44pm
From: bishop - Ausin tx
Prayer Request: Please pray for us at Salt youth ministry institute around the world our focus is our youth we would like to reach out to intercede and pray for them our areas of focus are homelessnesss displacement child protectives services all alround the nation we are praying for the transition of our youth coming out of the foster care systems, coming through high school our colledges and into adulthood. We are praying for there enlightment through the world of God and evangelism the reaching of our youth and bringing them to Christ we are praying for the leader of the Holy spirit and the opportunities to do this and for the provision and vechilces in these efforts this will take all of us around the world , so please join in and pray with us. With love . Thanks again Bsj at aol. Com

TUESDAY, January 7, 2020 11:08am
From: Clevi - Boston
Prayer Request: Pls agree inJesusname PaulI (our families, friends, neighbors, Churches, jobs, US, CA, Austra liaHaiti/3rdWorld) getPs. 91miracles, i. E., Safety (our homestravels) ; success (our goals, i. E., My desperate needs for: staying in contact w/estranged family: Benita, Chantal, Ezili, Pat, Trish, Dave [ prosperity, healing for themtheir families]; new resume done to get local good job asap!) ; Healing (Alexa's breast cancer; Paul's only sibling/immediate family John's alcoholism, neuropathy, Type2diabetes, appendectomy, livernow psychosis!) Amen, thx!

SATURDAY, January 4, 2020 4:50pm
From: barrington - BROOKLYN
Prayer Request: I would like to be prayed for to get a job, find a home to live. Its just been rough since my grandmother died who was my mother because my real mom died when I was 3 years old. I have nothing in life no money no job no car no home staying with relative please pray for me thank you

THURSDAY, January 2, 2020 1:15pm
From: Jon - USA
Prayer Request: Please pray for those in a dark time of their life and ecl --Lord please put a hedge around them and keep them from going toward evil and keep evil from their path. God draw them to hopeful truths and thoughts. Lord please empower to search and find something in life to be thankful for, focused on what is worthy, and hopeful--reject negative and destructive thoughts., Able to find purpose and expedient use of time-deliver them from evil all glory to the Lord in Jesus Name Amen

TUESDAY, December 31, 2019 12:20pm
From: SEAN - U. S.
Prayer Request: Im asking for special prayer for a special female companion in my life in the new year 2020. I ask that the Lord send the right special companion for me. I ask that we go trips together have fun and do for one another. I pray that she is a genuine person to me as I am genuine to her. I want us to go out to the movies, out to to eat, and travel together in 2020. I want us to go to las vegas together in 2020. I also want us to go on a carnival cruise in 2020.

THURSDAY, December 26, 2019 4:02pm
From: dena-antoinette - Windy City/Midwest Reg..
Prayer Request: PRAY for my cure, healing, recovery (2) a financial BLESSING MIRACULOUSLY wiping out all my debts; daylight employment placement attached 2 fair pay, fringe benefits, full x, perm., Stationary;

THURSDAY, December 26, 2019 1:22pm
From: Antoinette - Fredericksburg, VA
Prayer Request: Unspoken-Physical Healing 32 years old, single mother of two children, battling Multiple Sclerosis

WEDNESDAY, December 25, 2019 11:03pm
From: Tr - AD
Prayer Request: Please pray for a very sick family member. That God will touch and heal them. Bring peace and reconciliation in the family too. Bless the loved ones attending to the sick person. That old anger hurt bitterness would be put a side and people forgive each other even as Christ forgave us all. Bless the rest of the family too and help them at this challenging time. Praise God for His goodness. May He hear the cries of others too who have requested prayer.

TUESDAY, December 24, 2019 1:26pm
From: James - Orange, Californa
Prayer Request: Please pray for Dorothy who has inoperable brain cancer. Please pray for salvation and divine healing

TUESDAY, December 24, 2019 7:26am
From: susie - tn
Prayer Request: I need a miracle, there is something in my life that needs to be fixed and ONLY GOD can fix it. He knows what is needed, I ask prayer for this. Thank you

MONDAY, December 23, 2019 4:32pm
From: robin - USA
Prayer Request: Please pray for brother with Rheumatoid arthritis has a raised spot on back of his head. Please pray for healing. Also please pray for comfort peace-spiritual healing

MONDAY, December 23, 2019 8:24am
From: Daniela - Slovakia
Prayer Request: Please pray for healing my cerebral palsy

SUNDAY, December 22, 2019 5:52pm
From: oleg - plano tx
Prayer Request: Plz agree w me in prayer for 1) strong physical health and stamina to be and tod do all God had for me 2) God provision for me and family full finacial supply of Gods goodnes 3) Gods open doors for salvation of souls in any church se setting 4) protection from every direction 5) wisdom in all of my affairs thank you

SATURDAY, Dec 21, 2019 8:33pm
Prayer Request: Dear Heavenly Father, I Pray For This Man I Love, Marty. I pray that you will fill Marty's heart, mind and soul with overwhelming love for me. AMEN

WEDNESDAY, December 18, 2019 2:24pm
From: JOHN - USA
Prayer Request: Hannah is ignoring her parents advice on her choice of life partner she's currently hanging out with. The parents asking for urgent intervention and breakthrough of finding the right and heaven sent man. Ben, Richard, Martha, Esther, Laura need jobs provision in accordance with their academic and profession degrees

TUESDAY, December 17, 2019 6:35pm
From: REG - IND
Prayer Request: I am financially broke and physically sick. I am also suffering with anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts. Please pray for a miracle in my life. Thank you very much.

MONDAY, December 16, 2019 4:29pm
Prayer Request: Prayer Request for Jack Has severe Neurothaphy in neck=back and legs. Severe pain. Is Saved/Believer. To be able to walk again without a cane or walker. Requesting prayer Gods Healing touch !

SATURDAY, Dec 14, 2019 5:42pm
Prayer Request: Today a child was critically injured after hit by float trailer at Mt. Juliet Christmas parade. This is in the Nashville, TN area. Thank you for praying!

SATURDAY, December 14, 2019 2:36pm
Prayer Request: Pls agree inJesusnamePaulI (our families, friends, neighbors, Pastors [ Ian], Churches, jobs/careers, businesses, employees [ Jesse], landLords/staff [ Mario], U. S./Trump, Haiti/3rdWorld) get Ps. 91 miracles, i. E. Safety (home, travels [ Paul's]) ; healing (John's post-alcoholism [ thx Godprayers]related diseases [ Type2diabetes, appendectomy, neuropathy, depression, mental illness, etc requiring Paul's weekend 16hr. Roundtrip drives [ needs new good car]to help John [ thxGod for Jan's help]so let John go to holistic Christian docs [ Zimmerman, Scheimrif]for saving his life! Personal revival (all mentioned get/stay saved, i. E., Go to good churches, especially PaulI return to Pastor Ian's; John goes to Victory Baptist miraculously, Amen, thx! Life changing: youtube. Com/watch? V=h3oUCSHudcw

SATURDAY, December 14, 2019 5:05am
Prayer Request: Agree inJesusname Paul (+I+kin, friends, neighbors, US [ see links]) get Ps. 91miracles, amen, tx JesusChrist videogame: youtube. Com/watch? V=HaImGahiaSs; youtube. Com/watch? V=RzBNwjg-Cyc Outrageous Krumpas: youtube. Com/watch? V=5lAeCIpQljo; youtube. Com/watch? V=WyAjr8-Ykx8 Kids'Book of Demons: youtube. Com/watch? V=rSbqEGZ_tAc Vile [ cartoon]now trending #1 in US: youtube. Com/watch? V=-asGjCyzWk8 susanknowles. Com/are-children-being-sexualized-in-school-and-exposed-to-demons

THURSDAY, December 12, 2019 10:25am
Prayer Request: Our son Gary age 38 just received news that he may have skin cancer and prostate cancer. His wife of 11 or 12 years just told him 2 weeks ago that she didn't love him and wants a divorce. He has 4 daughters that 3 has been recently molested by the wives dad. Finances are in turmoil. He called his Dad and told him all this and that he was wanting to end his life. Please hold him up now before God. Thank You

WEDNESDAY, December 11, 2019 3:18pm
Prayer Request: Prayer Request for Conrad my Husband. Had body cat scan-showed he has 8 aneurysms 3 in Left groin-2 right groin -1 behind each knee that are small. Sees Vascular surgeon 12/18 to get date for procedure on left groin. One in chest area is 5cm-so asking for prayer will not grow any larger and God Will Shrink /Dissolve that one -as that will be a very very Major surgery as where it's located. They do not remove aneurysms they repair by blocking off blood flow so not growing or erupting. Left groin needs attention first. Conrad needs a MIRACLE BLESSING /HEALING FROM THE LORD and Lots of Prayer. Thank You God Bless Gail.

WEDNESDAY, December 11, 2019 6:16am
From: EMMY - USA
Prayer Request: Please pray all work done caring for people --successful interventions, prepared hearts and nothing is forgotten. Please pray for favor with supervisors and all staff and owner and Lord help me perform with poise self-assurance, assertiveness, empathy close attention to ethical concerns and professionalism.

WEDNESDAY, December 11, 2019 5:22am
Prayer Request: Healing for my mom and that we can continue to be able to care for her at home. Comfort for us all. Thank you and bless you!

WEDNESDAY, December 11, 2019 5:22am
Prayer Request: Agree inJesusName Pastor Rick, his ministry (Edward+Doc, etc) , family, health+funds always kept under Jesus'blood as desperately needed per youtube. Com/watch? V=FJ2m-XP7g8w (see 0:40-1:35time mark) . Let this blessing also be for Paul+I+our families, friends, neighbors, jobs/careers (Q. C.) , Churches, Pastors, USA/Trump, Haiti/Third World, especially I get a good local P/T job asap+meanwhile Paul's heart softened towards mekeeps loving me truly+my dysfunctional family as we reconcile; all saved+done forGod'sglory, Amen, thx!

SUNDAY, December 8, 2019 12:29pm
Prayer Request: Agree in Jesus'name PaulI (families: Benita, Tim, Mark, Jude, Joe; Pat, Monica, Eric, Jason; Dave, Alexa, Alana, Skyy; Ezili; Trishson; ChantalRon; John [ desperately needs healing!]Baby, Jesse, JanCarolyn, etc; friends; neighbors; maintenance stafflandLords; Pastors: Ian, Renny, AmberKyle, etc; Churches: Salvation Army, Freedom Baptist, Glad TidingsDaniel Duval Ministries, etc; jobs/careers; USATrump; Haiti/Third World) get Psalms 91103 miraclesblessings, Amen, thx! (Youtube. Com/watch? V=K7cwOAC3n4o by [ Biblical Prophecy Events at:]grandsupremenews. Net)

SATURDAY, Dec 7, 2019 6:08am
Prayer Request: Pray for my daughter, Shannon, critically injured in an automobile accident last night in Auburn, CA.

SATURDAY, December 7, 2019 2:08am
Prayer Request: Prayer for Diane. Rushed to local hospital today. Short/breath. Diagnosed as Anemic. Is getting 7 blood transfusions in steps. Blood count is 3. 6 should be between 14/19. Dr. Said worst case he seen in 20 years. Thank You and God Bless !

THURSDAY, December 5, 2019 5:32pm
Prayer Request: Please pray for healing my cerebral palsy

THURSDAY, December 5, 2019 5:44am
Prayer Request: Pls agree inJesusnamePaul+I (+kin, friends, neighbors, jobs, US) getPs. 91miracles: LordofHosts wins battles so we stay a loving couple! John gets healed, savedchurched (the latter for us also) . Beg FatherGod to pls let me get good job asap (so tired of being poor) Amen, thx!

THURSDAY, December 5, 2019 4:36am
From: JOHN - USA
Prayer Request: Please Lord grant growth in area of “applying all diligence, in your faith supply moral [ g]excellence, and in your moral excellence, knowledge, 6 and in your knowledge, self-control, and in your self-control, perseverance, and in your perseverance, Godliness, 7 and in your Godliness, brotherly kindness, and in your brotherly kindness, love” (2Pet1:5-7) –In Jesus Name Amen.

TUESDAY, December 3, 2019 10:16am
Prayer Request: Prayers for Lynn with brain tumor. Thursday having MRI-Cat Scan-Blood work-mapping size/location of tumor prior to getting radiation. Family's prayers are that God will shrink or remove tumor and Lynn not needing radiation. Lynn is Saved /Believer !

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