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Pray urgently for the protection of the followers of Jesus Christ worldwide! Persecution and mass-murder of Christians is increasing, most especially in Iraq, Syria, Pakistan and African nations! Pray for these nations, that God will protect the innocent, halt the wickedness of terrorists, and bring evil men to repentance! And pray especially that believers everywhere will awaken from their slumber and apathy, and to realize that the return of the Lord is near! --
Thank you for praying! - Pastor Robbins

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SATURDAY, January 19, 2019 6:30am
From: Julia - USA
Prayer Request: Please pray for a mother of toddler who is in trouble and in danger of losing her child. Please pray that she is able to get a place to live in special home with Christians that will help her through difficult time. Please pray she does not lose her child. Please pray for comfort and peace and that she is very aware of Lords presence.

FRIDAY, January 18, 2019 7:41pm
From: Sherry - ks
Prayer Request: Praying for traveling mercies tomorrow to dialysis 40 miles away we are under a wnter storm advisory,, thanks

FRIDAY, January 18, 2019 6:52am
From: carly - Texas
Prayer Request: Please pray for all affected by the government shutdown and that it will end soon.

THURSDAY, January 17, 2019 2:57pm
From: stacey - usa
Prayer Request: Please pray for my mom. She is manic and I don't know her state of mind. The state of her mind probably depressed

TUESDAY, January 15, 2019 7:50am
From: John - USA, AL
Prayer Request: Please touch agree with us that our merciful God will show all our advertising a double portion of favor blessings, Our computer business will flourish with customers, sales service work. Thank you, May God bless u for taking the time to pray agree with us

MONDAY, January 14, 2019 12:43am
From: Bel - FL
Prayer Request: Prayer for Melva -prayer for absolute heath and healing. Prayer that she will invite God's healing power to touch her body and mind. Prayer for job prosperity for both Be and John. Thank you God for your blessings to come. And so it is. Amen!

SUNDAY, January 13, 2019 7:30pm
From: John - USA
Prayer Request: 1) Benny and wife and nephew Richard seeking divine intervention and breakthrough in finding employment sooner 2) Mary and siblings with their children and grandchildren and in-laws seeking divine intervention in backslidden family members, health issues, unemployment, obstacles in family projects, blessings in 2019 onwards, etc

SUNDAY, January 13, 2019 5:17pm
From: Gail - Pa
Prayer Request: Williamneeds prayer as has pancreas issue not working normal causing his sugar levels spike-is diabetic Needs urgent prayer now to bring sugar levels down to stabilize-is on insulin.

SUNDAY, January 13, 2019 12:21pm
From: Esther - USA
Prayer Request: Please pray peace for my brother David as he is having surgery Monday, January 14th, 2019. That it will go well and successful. In the Name of Jesus.

FRIDAY, January 11, 2019 7:15am
Prayer Request: Doreen is critically ill in icu/ventilator/severe lung infection/please pray for healing and for salvation. Thank you so much.

THURSDAY, January 10, 2019 8:15am
From: TA - USA
Prayer Request: Please pray for healing married couple for Lord to help each to meet goal for relationship for stress to decrease in Jesus Name

WEDNESDAY, January 9, 2019 1:24pm
From: Anony - Montbello
Prayer Request: Salvation for newlyweds Thomas Grant G and Andrea Thoma-G. The release of Leah Sharibu and strength of brother/parents.

WEDNESDAY, January 9, 2019 12:37pm
From: Domingo - CO
Prayer Request: For the salvation of all Mormons, Islam, Scientologists, Jehovah Witnesses, Jews and Catholics.... Jesus is the Only Way to Everlasting Life.

WEDNESDAY, January 9, 2019 12:37pm
From: M.C. - Denver
Prayer Request: Dear Father in Heaven, in December 2018, James Arthur O had a stroke at 55, his 2nd in 15 yrs. I know you want me to lift him and his family up in prayer everyday. May James be completely healed and him and his family be strengthened. Also, help James know the truth about Mormonism being false.

WEDNESDAY, January 9, 2019 12:33pm
From: Barbie - USA
Prayer Request: Pray for the salvation of Carolyn Christine K, my sis. She believes in God/Jesus but still lives a sinful life. Pre-marital sex, drinking, reading tarot cards and more. She's also very ill. Pray for her true repentance.

WEDNESDAY, January 9, 2019 5:43am
From: CR - USA
Prayer Request: Please pray for young Christian boy who is being accused of something he did not do yet he could be in serious legal trouble and could have devastating effect on the rest of his life please pray for deliverance clearing of all accusations for this young man.

TUESDAY, January 8, 2019 11:00pm
From: Chris - USA
Prayer Request: Salvation, Mercy, Grace and Protection for; Brianna (neighbor child in wheelchair) and family, Alexa and family, Abdul, Jannet and family, Shemar, Marilyn and family, Dr. Baruch and Rika family, and Cliff and granddaughters; Summer 11, Pepper 6 and family.

TUESDAY, January 8, 2019 12:45pm
From: Anon - Denver, CO. USA
Prayer Request: Salvation: Hexum's family, Terrell's family, Penny family, Scalia family, Valley family, Cook family, Cupo family, Sadeghian family, Buble family, Burnett family, Miller family, Macfarlane family, Haim family, Aiken family, Winkler family.

TUESDAY, January 8, 2019 9:34am
From: Milady - Colorado, USA
Prayer Request: Blessings, Mercy Peace Grace and true Salvation for Israel USA! And, also for, Charles B family, Holly A family, Michael S family.... Please pray also, for all the Persecuted Christians in Nigeria, Asia, Europe The Middle-East, where believers are being tortured killed.

MONDAY, January 7, 2019 2:09pm
From: Tr - Ad
Prayer Request: Praise God for strength and that session went well. Please pray apt will go well. Funding will be approved. Relief from pain for elderly person and better mobility. Transactions will be finalized so can move forward. That it is God's will to get involved in new scheme and He will bless and protect it. Also salvation for relatives. May God touch and respond to the requests of others too. May God's name be glorified !

MONDAY, January 7, 2019 11:20am
From: gail - pa.
Prayer Request: Prayer Request Molly-30-Massive stroke-In induced coma. Had 2 surgeries --to remove cyst/brain was swollen. Lost her son and husband -passing away. She needs a Miracle Healing From GOD ! Prayer needed also elderly woman/name not given. Took bad fall-is septic-sugar level went down-vital organs shutting down. GODS WILL BE DONE !

MONDAY, January 7, 2019 11:20am
From: Milady - Colorado, USA
Prayer Request: Salvation/Mercy/Grace; Rob, Brandon, Milady Christy/family, Jerre/family, Scott/family. Tali, Zachary/family. Rory/family, Ricarda/family, Carmen/family, Gail, Michael/family, Dave K/family, Carolyn/family, James O/family, Indiana/family, Kenny/family, Lorenzo/family. Thanks/Blessings.

SUNDAY, January 6, 2019 6:07pm
From: Reginald - Charlotte, NC
Prayer Request: Please pray that God Almighty will give me the strength to overcome my sins and to not watch dirty videos and to let me keep my job driving buses for the City of Charlotte, and to protect me, keep me from getting into accidents as I drive thank you

SUNDAY, January 6, 2019 10:07am
PRAISE REPORT! Glory Unto God And in the spirit of Christ! Glory unto God and in the Spirit true of the Christ (We or I) Pray and praise thee Great God in being Unto his Glorious being, praise be to the Assembly I pray my soul and Family in heaven be in your graces All praise be to God, May my soul, my family stay worthy May they keep with heavens school in study of rest above May they do their best to keep God is Great…in their hearts In that on the mortal plain, I may do my best to follow in likeness Unto God the Merciful, unto they who keep God's being Glorious We or I pray…. Amen! Mmjpy 1/5/19

SUNDAY, January 6, 2019 2:31pm
Prayer Request: Stand in agreement with me for financial miracle nowadays , since I have a lot of errands I want to accomplish and it needs a lot of money , and pray for increasing in my income , I ask that in the mighty name of Jesus.. Amen

SATURDAY, January 5, 2019 1:42am
Prayer Request: Pray for Mrs Zozo my Friend's Nasr mother since she in the intensive care suffering from Clot , Pray for healing for her in the mighty name of Jesus , Pray that the Lord touch her with a healing touch in Jesus mighty name..

SATURDAY, January 5, 2019 12:15am
Prayer Request: Pray for Our Ministry in Egypt , Our Ministry name is (New Seasons ) our Ministry meeting every Saturday , Pray for The Holy Spirit Presence , Pray for Apostolic Prophetic anointing , Pray for the Worship time and the Sermon time and prayer time to be outpouring from the throne of God , Pray for our Ministry to grow in numbers of the attendances , Pray that the Lord send new Hungry souls to have encounter with the Lord in our Meeting , Pray that all the obstacles and hindrances against the ministry meeting to be removed and the ministry grow and grow in incredible way , Pray that all the plots and plans of the enemy against our Ministry be spoiled null and void ,

THURSDAY, January 3, 2019 11:05am
Prayer Request: HI pastor Dale and all my wonderfull brothers and sisters Happy New Year unfortunately same old request asking prayer for GODS help to stay alive homeless at 72 but to do it with a smile on my face! GOD richly bless you brother Danny 1/3/19

WEDNESDAY, January 2, 2019 6:30am
Prayer Request: Pray for Our Ministry in Egypt, Our Ministry name is (New Seasons ) our Ministry meeting every Saturday, Pray for The Holy Spirit Presence , Pray for Apostolic Prophetic anointing , Pray for the Worship time and the Sermon time and prayer time to be outpouring from the throne of God , Pray for our Ministry to grow in numbers of the attendances, Pray that the Lord send new Hungry souls to have encounter with the Lord in our Meeting , Pray that all the obstacles and hindrances against the ministry meeting to be removed and the ministry grow and grow in incredible way , Pray that all the plots and plans of the enemy against our Ministry be spoiled null and void , Pray for each person attend the meeting to be touched from the Holy Spirit and bring new people with them, in Jesus name

MONDAY, December 31, 2018 11:21am
Prayer Request: Prayers for D. Lord convict his hard heart. And pray for his salvation and deliverance. In Jesus name, Amen

SUNDAY, December 30, 2018 11:38pm
Prayer Request: I have had cancer in the past. I am having testing done for problems I am having. Please pray for good results. Thank You for your time and results.

SUNDAY, December 30, 2018 6:02pm
From: GAIL - PA.
Prayer Request: Prayer Request. Bill-having Special MRI tomorrow morning/growth on pancreas. Pray please neck /pancreas is not blocked and growth or growths all benign. No infection as is a diabetic also Thank you for your prayers God Bless

SUNDAY, December 30, 2018 11:48am
Prayer Request: Plz pray for 1Gods open doors for teaching and preaching 2financial provision 3strong physical stamina and health 4wisdom in all areas of life 5protection from all directions thank you

SATURDAY, December 29, 2018 2:32pm
Prayer Request: I have A serious issue regarding the VISA Gift cards that I used. Pray that it will be resolved.

THURSDAY, December 27, 2018 1:37pm
Prayer Request: Denise-has had traumatic brain injury from fall. Wants to leave rehab thinks she can live on her own. Very determined although she cant do much by herself. Would need 24/7 care-family can't afford it. Meeting with staff 4P. M. Today to try to get her to stay for more rehab.

WEDNESDAY, December 26, 2018 7:14pm
Prayer Request: For Karen---having chemo-white blood cell count down. Lord please heal this quickly

THURSDAY, December 20, 2018 4:01am
Prayer Request: Pray for my husband and I as we are in ministry and are fighting to keep our house, which a mortgage company has illegally been trying to take. Our legal fees are up and we've had numerous disappointments. I know God is in control. Thank you. We need financial help

WEDNESDAY, December 19, 2018 10:33am
Prayer Request: Got a call that Granddaughter had tried to commit suicide... 10 minutes max after we left.. She had cut her wrist in the bathroom. She had been to counseling yesterday.. I as a nurse think she has some stability problems but she just wrote a wonderful Christmas article She gets so mad at her folks she never talks to them and keeps things hidden. She blames herself for all kinds of things she has no control over. She thinks if she were not there it would be less to spend on her and all kinds of things along that line none of which are true.. We are exhausted and all need prayer.. Thanks so much

MONDAY, December 17, 2018 5:11pm
From: TR - AD
Prayer Request: Please pray Apt will go well. Healing from the wounds. Wisdom to doctor on how to treat, That the bugs will stop attacking and coming. Also for matters to be finalised and application to be successful. Mobility and pain relief for people suffering. For salvation for lost relatives. May God hear and answer the requests of others too. May His name be praised!

MONDAY, December 17, 2018 9:18am
From: BEL - FL
Prayer Request: Prayer for absolute physical health and healing for Be and Melva. Prayer for safety for John, Be and Melva. Thank you God. And so it is. Amen!!!

MONDAY, December 17, 2018 3:12am
Prayer Request: Please agree with me in prayer that my wife Romilla will be completely healed of heart problems -malfunction of heart valves -water in the lungs -high blood pressure -breathing problems -heart palpitations and all the side effects of the medications. Your prayers are of great value and I know everything will will work out for her good. Thank you Thank you Thank you and Thank you Jesus!

SATURDAY, December 15, 2018 2:42pm
From: JEM - USA
Prayer Request: Please pray for comfort, strength, needs are met, for relief of excruciating pain in elderly lady -that is resulting in physical and mental exhaustion ty praying for requests

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