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Pray urgently for the protection of the followers of Jesus Christ worldwide! Persecution and mass-murder of Christians is increasing, most especially in Iraq, Syria, Pakistan and African nations! Pray for these nations, that God will protect the innocent, halt the wickedness of terrorists, and bring evil men to repentance! And pray especially that believers everywhere will awaken from their slumber and apathy, and to realize that the return of the Lord is near! --
Thank you for praying! - Pastor Robbins

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MONDAY, July 25, 2016 11:09pm
From: jodie - wv
Prayer Request: Please pray for comfort and peace for jodiemarie

MONDAY, July 25, 2016 10:02am
From: Emma - Australia
Prayer Request: Please pray for me for more blessings to pour into me, for peace and respect to abound into our working area that their eyes will be open to see my honesty and wisdom. Thank you Lord for bringing into the light. You, Lord my saviour.

MONDAY, July 25, 2016 7:52am
From: Lane - FL
Prayer Request: Please pray that our daughter learn to show her affection in a new relationship and to not be afraid to give her heart away. Pray discernment in how to encourage the relationship and how to be a blessing to this young man in her life. And finally, please pray continued boldness on the part of the young man as he pursues.

SATURDAY, July 23, 2016 7:50pm
From: Julie - Fort Lauderdale FL
Prayer Request: My life is in total chaos and in total disarray. On top of it all I have a fractured left hand that is barely able to type this in here. I am a saved person and believe in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and God. I am requesting intercessory prayer for my hand. It is not healing correctly and I have no insurance. I am requesting a miracle healing so that I can avoid an expensive procedure to restore it's full function.

SATURDAY, July 23, 2016 7:50pm
From: Bel - FL
Prayer Request: Prayer for my sister Melva -absolute healing from her fever and continued healing throughout her whole body, min and spirit. And so it is. Thank you God.

SATURDAY, July 23, 2016 6:16pm
From: Nancy - Madison County, NY
Prayer Request: Please pray for my husband, Tom, who has many deadlines to meet this week and is waiting on someone else for important information to complete projects. He sent espensive items to a customer of his and they were completely destroyed in the mail. Also his computer went down and he lost important information as a result. He is under stress and business is not good now. Pray that God would give him peace and provide the needed income. Thank you.

FRIDAY, July 22, 2016 6:35pm
From: Andrew - usa
Prayer Request: I pray to find the home I am looking for

FRIDAY, July 22, 2016 2:28pm
From: Mike - USA
Prayer Request: Please pray for my daughter, Maggie, that she may be delivered from multiple physical and mental struggles that she faces. She is feeling helpless, hopeless, anxious, angry and depressed. Also, pray for her daughter, Bailey, that she will be protected under God's wing during this time of trouble in their lives. Pray that my wife and I can have the wisdom and discernment to help them as God wills.

FRIDAY, July 22, 2016 12:49pm
From: Karen - London
Prayer Request: Please pray that God makes it possible for me to speak to Robin.

FRIDAY, July 22, 2016 9:07am
From: OLEG - plano texas
Prayer Request: Please pray with me for 1) open doors for revival, seminars preaching 2) souls to get saved and set free 3) provision for ministry and family ; for travel, lodging, gas and airfare 4) indefatiguable health and physical stamina for preaching, travel, and raising family 5) protection from all kinds of evil. Thank you

FRIDAY, July 22, 2016 9:07am
From: Lane - FL
Prayer Request: Praise: In AWE of the power of prayer and goodness of the Lord!!! Words cannot express my thankfulness for those faithful to pray!! Prayer: Please pray that God's will be done in a new relationship for our daughter. Pray that if this is not the one meant for her in marriage -that the Lord would protect her and the young man. And if he is, then please pray purity in their relationship strength of character and glory to God in all that they say do.

THURSDAY, July 21, 2016 2:31pm
From: anymous - usa
Prayer Request: Thank you Jesus for blessing me today everyday. Thank you for blessing me with all debts paid, repairs fixed, bills paid up to date, an abundance left to bless others. Thank you for blessing me with Ephesians 3:20 over my life, thank you, Jesus saves. Amen, Amen , Amen

THURSDAY, July 21, 2016 6:19am
From: Anniken - Norway
Prayer Request: Please pray for healing and deliverance, as I am possessed by evil spirits.

WEDNESDAY, July 20, 2016 5:52am
From: Lawrence - Pakistan
Prayer Request: My name is Lawrence Gill I am from Lahore, Pakistan. Please prayer for me now days I am really worried about my carrier. Tomorrow I have an interview for a job. Please prayer for me that “May GOD JESUS CHRIST succeed in this interview and I will got this job”. Amen

WEDNESDAY, July 20, 2016 5:21am
From: Patrick - South Africa
Prayer Request: Dear Fellows, gambling has destroyed me, took my cars , job and everything. I'm asking for prayers that the Almighty give me a second chance in life and a breakthrough. Thank you.

TUESDAY, July 19, 2016 9:32pm
From: Bel - FL
Prayer Request: Prayer for my sister Meva for healing and absolute success for her surgery. Let all who come in contact with her be focused on her health success. Thank you God. And so it is!!!

TUESDAY, July 19, 2016 8:16pm
From: quentin - usa
Prayer Request: Please pray for God's holy protection around me and my family anything that is not of God cannot adhere to us in our mind, body, spirit, finances, health, anything thats indicative to us. Pray for the souls that use little g Gods to attack my faith, family and me. Bring them to their knees. Pray God's wrath upon them who use witchcraft against us the children of God Send all evil back to the sender and pray for thier souls. Amen

TUESDAY, July 19, 2016 1:52pm
From: Karen - UK
Prayer Request: Please pray that God will make a way for me to speak with Robin.

TUESDAY, July 19, 2016 8:41am
From: beverly - pa us
Prayer Request: I have had urinary infections for 4 years the burning is there all the tome with no relief please pray for me

MONDAY, July 18, 2016 3:02pm
From: Louie - EL Paso, TX
Prayer Request: Frank Contreras needs employment. He needs Gods help and favor with place of employment, that he get hired In Jesus Mighty Name Amen

MONDAY, July 18, 2016 7:50am
From: Lane - FL
Prayer Request: Abounding in thankfulness for your prayers and praises that the Lord is at work in our daughter's life! Please continue praying for boldness Godly zeal for a certain young man as he pursues our daughter for kingdom purposes. Pray that our daughter will respond encourage according to God's will for her life.

SUNDAY, July 17, 2016 9:55am
From: Lane - FL
Prayer Request: Please pray that the Lord would move mightily, through His power, on the heart of a certain Godly young man to be bold in his pursuit of our daughter in a relationship. That this young man would have eyes to see the immense beauty of our daughter -both inside and outside and have the confidence to be unashamed in his pursuit. Pray for God's blessing in this relationship -all for the Glory of God.

SUNDAY, July 17, 2016 9:55am
From: Edmund - Zielonka, mazowieckie Poa
Prayer Request: Please pray for:0. Poland, freedom from religion to God through Jesus Christ, 0. Church in the USA -Matt. 3. 12 1. Stirring up the ministry to the God for me, my wife Dorothy, our daughter Ann, our sons Peter and Daniel -

SATURDAY, July 16, 2016 7:42pm
From: Joseph - Texas City, TX
Prayer Request: Stuck in a really bad wilderness. Please pray that Jesus will show me favor and move me in His will and Word as I daily repent! God Bless!

SATURDAY, July 16, 2016 7:06pm
From: Kathleen - Huntsville, MO
Prayer Request: Praise God for immeasurable blessings. Please pray for Sonny, back surgery Monday; for me, debilitating depression and anxiety, for Ginni, surgery for melanoma Wednesday. We are in our 70's and need help caring for our little farm that is our living. Thank you God for the unending blessings. Thanks and praise for the prayer warriors.

SATURDAY, July 16, 2016 1:00pm
From: sushree - India
Prayer Request: Plzz pray for me that I love a guy name kiran sahu but he z Hindu he didn't know anything about Jesus so plzz pray that God should touch him with salvation and also pray that he should come back in my life bcoz he left me some months back...

SATURDAY, July 16, 2016 1:00pm
From: sushree - India
Prayer Request: Plzz pray for me that I love a guy name kiran sahu but he z Hindu he didn't know anything about Jesus so plzz pray that God should touch him with salvation and also pray that he should come back in my life bcoz he left me some months back...

THURSDAY, July 14, 2016 11:12am
From: Ram - New Delhi, India
Prayer Request: Intercessor in distress. I have often prayed for others. But my own life is in shambles. I am 43 years old and still unmarried. I am lonely and depressed. Please pray for me. I too shall pray for your well-being.

THURSDAY, July 14, 2016 10:06am
From: Mary - Washington
Prayer Request: Please pray for my son Blake. He has started running with the wrong crowd and is getting into trouble. We pray that the Lord will touch him in a mighty way and pull him out of the world and closer to the Lord. I also ask for healing between him and his step-dad. Thank you

WEDNESDAY, July 13, 2016 5:41am
Prayer Request: Urgent job and finances. Please can you pray for me God to do miraculous financial breakthroughs in every areas of my life. Exodus 23:25. God bless you very much and give you love and peace.

WEDNESDAY, July 13, 2016 3:16am
From: ken - ohio
Prayer Request: Please pray for my marriage. My wife of 27 years is suffering from schizophrenia and delusional thinking. She had voices in her head telling her to divorce me, that I wanted to kill her, etc and once she started taking medication the voices stopped, however; she's still delusional and is having problems staying in the marriage. I have prayed in agreement with others that the marriage would be restored. I ask that you would agree with us and that that her love for me will return and that our love for each other will grow even stronger. Thanks and God bless you!

TUESDAY, July 12, 2016 9:03am
From: michalena - usa
Prayer Request: Please pray for me and my chlidren and grand children that any spell placed on us be it through food consumption or and other form of witchcraft will fail. Isaiah 54:17 no weapon shall prosper. Please bring these people who do the work of Satan to thier knees and destroy any powers that they may posses. Let not anything that is not of God befall on us. In Jesus'holy name Amen.

TUESDAY, July 12, 2016 8:40am
From: Donna - Kentucky
Prayer Request: Having surgery tomorrow. Removal of gland and lymph node in neck. Please pray for no cancer.

TUESDAY, July 12, 2016 4:56am
Prayer Request: Financial brakethrough in my life and my family (2) total deliverance from occultic and witchcraft spirit.

TUESDAY, July 12, 2016 12:45am
Prayer Request: I am a 45-year born-again from India. Kindly pray for the following:1) I am yearning for a more deeper relationship with my Abba Father. 2) Praying for a ministry with visible signs and wonders so that I can win more souls for the Kingdom of God. 3) For the past 3 years, my household has been encountering utter financial struggles. Praying for Rs. 50, 000 (approx. US$800) every month. Currently we surviving on hardly US$250 every month. 4) We have a desire to sell our present house to become debt-free and buy another one. Praying for God's perfect will in this matter.

MONDAY, July 11, 2016 7:29am
From: Lane - FL
Prayer Request: Please pray God's will to be manifested and if a yes, give a certain young man a strong sense of boldness confidence to move forward in a covenant relationship. Pray for an open heart, obvious interest excitement on the part of the young woman.

SUNDAY, July 10, 2016 12:55am
From: millison - nc
Prayer Request: I ask you to pray that me and my husband get back together and he stop cheating

SUNDAY, July 10, 2016 12:55am
From: D Robbins - Nashville, TN
Prayer Request: Pray for a friend's daughter named, Madison, in California. Needs to come back to God, to be released from Satan's deceptions and influence. Plead the blood of Jesus over her, rebuke Satan's wicked manipulations. Thanks for praying!

THURSDAY, July 7, 2016 8:03pm
From: Esther - USA
Prayer Request: Please pray that I will be completely healed from photosensitivity sun allergy and all redness, red spot reactions on my face will completely disappear as if the reaction never happened in the Name of Jesus.

THURSDAY, July 7, 2016 7:07pm
From: Gail - Pa.
Prayer Request: Matthew-16. Crashed on his dirt bike today. In ICU-Local hospital. Skull fractures above left /right ears. Spine compressed. In neck brace. 7 stitches above right eye. Chipped bone right elbow. Covered road rash. In lot of pain. Prayers also for his parents Sandy and Dave. Thank you for your prayers.

THURSDAY, July 7, 2016 2:55pm
Prayer Request: Prayer for sam, her family. Receives miracels, prophecys, couragement, sound mind, peace, work, college, dorm,

THURSDAY, July 7, 2016 1:51pm
Prayer Request: Please pray that the Lord would hasten in restoring a specific relationship in my life. He knows the details and my needs surrounding this desperate situation. Thank you.

THURSDAY, July 7, 2016 9:53am
Prayer Request: Please pray my friend brandon will submit his life and totally surrender to Jesus Christ and fall into his arms and get into and really apply recovery to his life. Thank you soooo much! He is so hurting and Jesus could bring sooooo much healing! Thank you with all of my heart.

WEDNESDAY, July 6, 2016 10:50pm
Prayer Request: Please pray for me, it feels like someone is choking me, lately most of the time, used to be only at night, would come a few weeks leave a few months but is gotten worse, don't know if its thyroid or fibromyalgia coming around to the front, also need sleep without caughing end to urinary track pain. Need to be able to breathe too, been worse last several months but gets better when I post on this site and people pray. Please pray I will live to raise my 8 yr old granddaughter, im about to turn 57 yrs old. I asked her other day what her dream is, you know like going to disney or becoming a nurse, all she said is that I {me) would be well, that's her dream. Isnt that tragic, isn't it time, been believing God im healed 11 yrs

WEDNESDAY, July 6, 2016 10:50pm
Prayer Request: Pray for lee, going through very difficult times in her health, from recovering from an accident. Needs God's help and healing in a desperate way! Thanks for your prayers!

WEDNESDAY, July 6, 2016 3:23pm
Prayer Request: For healing my heart about all the pain I have, wisdom, direction, God´s will, job in his will or show me the way to have income, place to live safety and peaceful, give me grace to find a job, to confirm if the master degree is his will and support it, if not to let me know very clear, to show me the way to get the canadian permanent resident and go back there. I need to know his will in all the ways in my life. I need his will in my life, peace, joy, rest and force to continue even when everything looks like nightmare.

WEDNESDAY, July 6, 2016 6:29am
From: BE - FL
Prayer Request: Prayer for john for absolute safety and ease for traveling. Prayer for continued and absolute healing for melva. Thank you God. And so it is -amen!!!

TUESDAY, July 5, 2016 10:17pm
Prayer Request: Please pray that my husband will be blessed with the job position he has applied for at the senior living facility.

SUNDAY, July 3, 2016 3:08pm
Prayer Request: Please pray for my friendship with chris that are friendship turns into a relationship that he will develop feelings for me. That him caryn do not work out! I care about him so much. I pray that he does not move to california. That my prayers are answered. Thank you.

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