1. The purpose of the Internet Prayer Network volunteer is to pray for the requests that are downloaded each day. It is understood that the volunteer will be faithful to pray daily for each need, and to pursue the mission of the IPN, which is “to pray for needs and express encouragement, with the hope of influencing individuals toward a personal relationship with Christ.”

2. When an e-mail address of a respondent is provided with their prayer request, the volunteer may reply with an e-mail letter of uplifting “encouragement” at their discretion. The volunteer is required to identify themselves as a IPN Prayer Chain volunteer.

3. When replying to a prayer respondent by e-mail, the volunteer is to stay within the boundaries of basic scripture that express encouragement or promises regarding salvation through Jesus and so forth. The IPN volunteer is NOT allowed to promote their doctrinal opinions or to engage in debates or religious controversies.

4. The role of an IPN volunteer is NOT as a counselor. Under no circumstances is the volunteer authorized to engage in any type of counseling. E-mailed replies to prayer requests must be confined to uplifting words or scriptures of “encouragement.” In other words, you can “provide basic encouragement, or witness to them about salvation through Jesus... but leave it at that, without making judgements or getting wrapped up in the complicated web of people’s problems.” Extensive dialogs, opinions and evaluations about how to fix problems, begin to enter into the realm of counseling, which you are to avoid. You can listen, pray and give a few scriptures and positive words of encouragement, but beyond that, persons must be encouraged to find the help of a church and a pastor. Under no circumstances are you to engage in doctrinal controversies or to use the IPN as a pulpit to promote your religious opinions. Unfortunately, any violations of this policy as described, will disqualify a person from serving with the IPN.

5. Volunteers are not to use e-mail addresses and information that are downloaded along with prayer requests, as sources for solicitation or any other personal or commercial purposes. Any violations of this will result in immediate removal from the IPN.

6. If such time arises when a volunteer cannot keep their commitment to pray for the downloaded requests, they are to notify the director by e-mail. If necessary, the volunteer can automatically unsubscribe at the IPN Member's page at www.internationalprayernetwork.com/members.

7. The Internet Prayer Center reserves the right to remove any volunteer from the Prayer Chain who does not comply with these stated policies, or for any other reason we consider to be warranted.